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Welcome to the Hills Valkyries 

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WA's First Womens only Gridiron Club!


The Hills Valkyries Gridiron Club is the first Women's only initiated Gridiron Club in WA history! Based in the heart of the hills, Chidlow, this club is the brain child of our club president and head coach, Mike Willems.


Mike identified a need to grow the love of Gridiron in WA and in particular the Perth Hills area coupled with a passion for promoting women in sport. 


Working to get the club off the ground in the midst of a global pandemic was going to be interesting. However, the founding members of the club were not undeterred! With hard work and dedication to the sport in early August, 2021 The Hills Valkyries Gridiron Club was successfully affiliated to Gridiron West! 


Our Valkyrie family aims to push past women's fear of judgement and encourages all women to take part in sport and other types of physical activity.  Our core values are what make us a club to be connected with; a family, teamwork combined with a healthy sports attitude.

If you want to challenge yourself to an exciting opportunity by playing gridiron then the Hills Valkyries is the club to join!

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